Christmas Cruise

Every year Koru Care throws a Christmas party for over 250 kids. The children invited for the day come from various organisations such as @heart, Kidney Kids, Child Cancer and also include the siblings as they are often overlooked with the parents spending a lot of hours at hospitals or time worrying about the sick child. This is a time for all the children in the family to have a party.


The day includes a 2 hour cruise on a Fullers ferry around the Waitamata Harbour where the children are treated to the Auckland tug boats having a water fight and sometimes Eagle, the police helicopter does a fly by. Ronald McDonald has been a special guest on the cruise for many years and entertains the children with his wit and humour. Other special guests have been Tamati Coffey, Renee Wright, Jason Reeves, Erin Simpson, Neil Waka and some of the America’s Cup crew.


After the cruise we hop on the Howick and Eastern Buses to head to Eastern Beach for the beach party. Here the children are greeted with a sausage sizzle, sandwiches, cakes and drinks. The DJ is pumping out the music and the kids have a chance to enter the Koru Care Idol competition.


After lunch you can see the Thundercats on the horizon, zooming towards the beach. Thundercats are tunnel hulled inflatable boats that take part in explosive wave jumping and tight competitive surf racing. The children get to ride these all afternoon or until the petrol runs out. The clothes maybe soaked but the smiles on the faces say it all.


Santa is the most special guest of the day and has arrived by helicopter and fire engine. Who knows how he will get there next time. He always brings lollies and holiday wishes for the all the children. This day would not be possible without the help from local business as well as Fullers and Howick and Eastern Buses. We would like to thank everyone for their involvement.


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