Koru Care Kids

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Who are the Koru Care Kids?

The children that come to Koru Care asking for help have been betrayed by their bodies. In some cases they have cancer, kidney disease or heart problems, in other cases they’ve lost the use of limbs or have serious congenital abnormalities. But they still have the capacity to smile, laugh and create good memories; they just need someone to wave a magic wand.


For a child with major challenges in their lives, every day is a round of personal invasions. Their life is in the hands of medical professionals, family members and caregivers. For these children independence is just a dream. Others are constantly monitoring what they eat, what medicines they take and what their bodies are doing. It’s likely they have plenty of time to dream, and wish and hope. But it’s also likely that their family’s financial circumstances and extreme care requirement will always stand in the way of making their dreams come true.


Just knowing that something wonderful is going to happen is enough to make a difference. Suddenly, a child that couldn’t see past the daily routine of illness or disability can see all the way to Disneyland or the Gold Coast. Often their health will improve, even if the long term forecast isn’t good. The mind is a powerful thing, when it can glimpse light at the end of the tunnel. Please contact us if you would like more information on our adventure trips.


How Can Koru Care Help My Child?

At the same time as we’re fundraising to make dreams come true, we’re looking for children with dreams. If you know of a child who is terminally ill or seriously disabled, please request a Koru Care Trip application form. Koru Care trips involve a group of 41 people – 26 children and 15 caregivers (including two or three registered nurses), where each caregiver is assigned two children.


Itineraries are busy most days, but children will also have free time to go swimming in the hotel pool or relax in their rooms. Nominated families are encouraged to help with fundraising in some way. This could mean writing letters seeking sponsorship, joining a local fundraising activity or finding a novel way to raise other funds themselves. Kids really get a kick out of helping to fundraise and often come up with brilliant ways to do it.


Who is a Koru Care Child?

Generally a Koru Care child has a condition, disability or illness that significantly impacts on quality of life.


  • Is between the ages of 7 and 14 years
  • Is capable of mixing with other children and joining in activities planned for the trip
  • Has a family that is unable to financially afford experiences similar to those that would be gained on one of our trips


To find out more and to apply for Koru Care help, please download this application form.

Koru Care Trips

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