Bequest Donations

A gift in your will to Koru Care Charitable Trust New Zealand will help make a difference in the life of a child with major health issues. Naturally, it’s important that you look after your family first, but even leaving a portion of what remains to Koru Care New Zealand can help us make dreams come true.


There are several ways you can make a gift to Koru Care NZ in your will:


  • By leaving a residual gift. After providing for your family, you can confirm that you want to leave part or all of what is left of your estate
  • By leaving an agreed percentage of your estate
  • Or by leaving a specific gift. This could be an amount of money, real estate, jewellery, shares, or any such other gift you nominate


It’s important that professional advice is used to ensure there will be no dispute over your will, so that your estate is dealt with in the way you wish. Should you wish to leave money, or any other item, to Koru Care NZ your solicitor will be happy to include your wishes. If you have already made a will, you can ask your solicitor to add a ‘codicil’, or you can make a fresh will.


Suggested wording for a bequest:


“I bequeath to Koru Care Charitable Trust New Zealand of 105 Great South Road, Remuera, Auckland, for its general purposes (the whole) or (a specific amount or gift) or (a percentage) or (the residual) of my estate and I declare that the receipt of its treasurer or other authorised officer shall be sufficient discharge to my executor.”


We encourage you to consult your Family and Solicitor. If you have any further inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us directly on (09) 523 2456 or via email [email protected] and we will be happy to help with any concerns.