Frequently Asked Questions

Can I become a volunteer?

Koru Care always welcomes volunteer helpers. Assistance is often required on the Christmas cruise, at auctions and for collecting donations at Koru Care events. Phone us or e-mail us for more information about becoming a volunteer.

What are the advantages of becoming a Koru Care sponsor?

Koru Care sponsors get the benefit of publicity at Koru Care events, in our newsletters and in media coverage of Koru Care trips. All donations are tax deductible. Apart from business advantages, you get the warm feeling of knowing that you’re helping children who really need something to look forward to.

Can I donate goods to Koru Care?

You certainly can! We have a charity auction every year, so donations of products or services are always welcome. Please contact us by phone or email if you’d like to make a donation.

How long does it take to process an application for a Koru Care trip?

Every trip we organise has a cut off date. To ensure we receive your application in time, please call and ask what the cut off dates are. Sometimes applications get stalled because families are waiting for their GP or specialist to complete some of the details. We recommend you remind your doctor that applications need to be completed promptly.

I'm not sure if my child will qualify for a Koru Care trip. I don't want to get our hopes up unless we have a good chance. What can I do?

Call a member of the Koru Care Committee and tell us about your personal circumstances. Over the phone, we can give you a good idea of whether your child is likely to fit our criteria.

Do we have to pay for our child’s trip?

No. Koru Care will cover all costs of the child’s trip. We encourage families to help with fundraising in some way. This could mean writing letters seeking sponsorship, joining a local fundraising activity or finding a novel way to raise other funds themselves. Kids really get a kick out of helping to fundraise and often come up with brilliant ways to do it.

Can I travel with my child?

No. Koru Care provide their own caregivers. This is a time for the child to ‘cut the apron strings” and become more independent. It is also a great opportunity for siblings who are often left out to be able to spend more time with their parents who often spend so much time and appear to give more attention to the sick child. Some families take this opportunity to have a mini holiday themselves.

Do I have to get travel insurance?

No. Koru Care will obtain all travel insurance for the participants on our trips. Unfortunately if for some reason travel insurance is declined for any participant we are unable to take them.

Where do you stay while you are away?

When we do our Gold Coast Adventure we stay in apartments in Surfers Paradise right across the road from the beach. These are 2 bed roomed apartments with 2 bathrooms. The apartments have a kitchen with washer and dryer and there is a pool in the complex.


In California we stay in Buena Park which is just a few suburbs away from Disneyland. The hotel rooms are configured with a bedroom (twin double beds), bathroom, and lounge/dining with fold-down couch. The children will be in the twin room and the caregiver will be on the fold-down couch in the lounge. The rooms have their own fridge, TV, coffeemaker and microwave. There is a gym, pool and spa within the complex.