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Making dreams come true for seriously ill and disabled children

Why People Choose To Help Us

  • Koru Care Trips
    Koru Care is well known for delivering dreams in the form of memorable overseas trips, Disneyland USA and Gold Coast – Australia are the dream destinations that we have focused on.
  • Fundraising
    Koru Care relies on the generosity and support of its members, with supporters helping with the day to day running of Koru Care, people from all walks of life help in ways we could only dream of.
  • Our Volunteers
    Every group of children that is sent on a holiday by Koru Care is accompanied by a team of trained volunteers, including several registered nurses.
  • Our Kids Families
    The parents and families of the children we help also donate time and energy to Koru Care. They are encouraged to take part in the fund-raising.

Koru Care (NZ) is a registered charitable trust. Our volunteer team work for no financial reward, donating time and expertise to make dreams come true for kids who have drawn the short straw. In some cases they have cancer, kidney disease or heart problems, in other cases they have lost the use of their limbs or have serious congenital abnormalities. But they still have the capacity to smile, laugh and create good memories; they just need someone to wave the magic wand. Often, an injection of enjoyment helps to change a child’s outlook, which can improve day-to-day life. In making dreams come true for sick and disabled kids, we’re also helping their families.

This is a great opportunity for siblings who are often left out to be able to spend more time with their parents who often spend so much time and appear to give more attention to the sick child. Some families take this opportunity to have a mini holiday themselves.

Koru Care is well known for delivering dreams in the form of memorable overseas trips. We have annual trips to California – USA and Gold Coast – Australia which are the dream destinations that we have focused on. Each group consists of 26 children and 15 caregivers with each caregiver assigned 2 children.


The USA trip is 2 weeks in duration and the Gold Coast is for 8 days. The children that participate on the Koru Care Gold Coast Adventure are generally chosen as they are too ill to handle the long distance travel to California or the long days that this trip has.

Closer to home we put on events for the children with our annual pantomime and Christmas Harbour Cruise and picnic. We also provide grants for the cost of flights for children that require medical treatment overseas that is not available in New Zealand.


The children who have benefited from Koru Care’s help and those who will benefit in the future are chosen because we’re their only chance of having a wish come true. For those with a real need, we make sure dreams become reality.

To make these dreams come true, Koru Care have a team of dedicated staff and volunteers that work tirelessly to make these events happen. We are not government funded and rely on the generosity of trusts, grants, businesses and the general public. We are a nationwide organisation and we accept children from all over New Zealand.

Please Contact Us if you want any information on what we do and how we can help you.

You Can Make A Difference To A Koru Care Kid

With a total cost per trip of approximately $169,000, Koru Care relies on support and generosity to make the trips possible. The rewards from the trips are immense, for the child, they have the opportunity to be a real kid for a few days, they can leave their worries at home while doing what every kid loves – to be a kid without restrictions.


Businesses can support through encouraging their staff to participate in a payroll giving programme, by holding events, by supporting other activities in the community held to support Koru Care. Businesses can also support through donating products or services that Koru Care can sell on auction. Individuals can hold events to raise funds, sponsor an individual child, or through a regular contribution.


Koru Care uses FundraiseOnline to help make giving easy, we also run online auctions through TradeMe. We also welcome suggestions on other ways to raise funds to help us make the Koru Care kids dreams come true.

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