California Adventure

The children that participate on the Koru Care Californian Adventure, although sick or disabled are able to handle the long distance travel and the long days that this trip has. The trip is 2 weeks in duration and the group consists of 26 children and 15 caregivers with each caregiver assigned 2 children. The group stay in Buena Park which is just a few suburbs away from Disneyland. The hotel rooms are configured with a bedroom (twin double beds), bathroom, and lounge/dining with fold-down couch. The children will be in the twin room and the caregiver will be on the fold-down couch in the lounge. The rooms have their own fridge, TV, coffeemaker and microwave. There is a gym, pool and spa within the complex.


Although the group visits many of the fabulous theme parks in California, the main event is going to the “Happiest Place on Earth” – Disneyland. We get 3-day passes so the children have the opportunity to experience all that they can and also hop between Disneyland and Walt Disney’s other park, California Adventure which is just next door. The children can go from joining thrill-seekers at the mysterious Hollywood Tower Hotel for the ultimate adrenaline rush to sitting back and marvelling at the Fantasmic Show, where stunning effects erupt against the broad night sky as beloved Disney Characters join the reverie. And don’t forget about the well known Mad Tea Party ride where they are spun round and round inside giant multi-coloured teacups as they celebrate a very merry unbirthday! Although the rides and shows are amazing, the highlight for many is meeting their favourite Disney characters and getting that ever important photograph and autograph.

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Another popular park we visit is Universal Studios, which not only offers amazing rides but is a real working studio so you might get a glimpse of a movie being made. Just outside Universal Studios is City Walk which is full of shops and restaurants including the well known Hard Rock Café which is always a must for dinner. Knott’s Berry Farm is also a favourite for those thrill seekers in the group but it is not all spills and thrills, we also take in some nature. SeaWorld, San Diego offers up close and personal experiences with their famous Killer Whale Shamu. The group gets to check out amazing killer whale behaviour set to sizzling rock and roll music, along with dazzling lighting effects and breathtaking multimedia elements. San Diego Zoo is also a must on our itinerary. You can see the pandas, polar bears and hippos at the famous Hippo River where the sandcastles are life size.


As well as all the tourist things you would expect on our Californian Adventure, the group also gets to experience some unique activities that most people will never get to do. We have been lucky to be invited back year after year to visit the California Highway Patrol in San Diego. Here the children are sworn in as deputies and get to sit in the police cars and on the motorbikes as well as getting a weapons display. Our other favourite surprise for the children is a trip to the LA Coast Guard Air Station where they can board the rescue helicopters and recreate a winching rescue. They then board the LA Coast Guard boats where they head out into the harbour and are treated to an exercise of a diver jumping from the helicopter into the ocean. We are very thankful to CHiP’s and the Coast Guard for making this special trip even more so.


With all this activity we of course give the kids a chance to relax. They can spend the afternoon relaxing by the hotel pool or head down to Venice or Huntington Beach. For the shoppers amongst them, Target, Wallmart and Toys ‘R’ Us are not far away.


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Download The Koru Care Trip Application Form Here.