• December 2, 2011

Annual Christmas Cruise – Thursday, 1st December

Into its eighth year the Koru Care Charitable Trusts annual Christmas Harbour Cruise set sail on the Fullers Jetraider with 200 children and caregivers for a day of fun activities. “These trips are a highlight for kids from across the region, many of whom have been Koru Kids, kids who have been on one of the annual Koru Care Disneyland trips, so bringing them together for the Christmas cruise is like a reunion for them and the caregivers” Ann Bain, Chairperson of Koru Care NZ said.

As the kids boarded the ferry there was an unexpected and fascinating display as the Armed Offender Squad decked out in black, face masks and helmets circled the Jetraider with guns trained on the ferry as part of a training exercise. The harbour cruise took a trip around the inner harbour, around the moored boats at Westhaven then under the Harbour Bridge, the kids were in awe at not only the size of the bridge but the screams of delight as people took a plunge from it.

Onto Little Bucks Beach where a picnic was held with entertainment from the face painting fairies, balloon making clown and a karaoke competition including a team from Howick Police took to the stage to participate. A visit from the Thundercats and a chance to go for a ride on these fast moving boats was also on the agenda for the day. Another highlight of the day was a visit by The Mad Butcher himself, Sir Peter Leitch who mixed and mingled with the crowd for photo opportunities.